Sunday, 21 July 2024

Asian School of Wisdom

Rev. Fr.Cyril Niphot Thianviharn invited Bishop Vira Arpondratana together with representative of the Marina House. Members of Good shepherd sister (From Wild Flower House) The Sacred Heart Sisters, Fr. Manat Supalak, 3 professors from Maejo University, Chiang Mai for the opening ceremony of the Asian School of Wisdom at the Religious Research and Training Center for Religio and Cultural Community at Ban San Pu Loei, Doi Saket District, Chiang Mai Province on Friday, July 2, 2021,

Fr. Cyril Niphot Thianviharn has worked at the Social Development Center of the Diocese of Chiang Mai since1965 and work in the Research and Training Center for Religio and Cultural Community since 1980 in accordance with the intention of the 2nd Vatican Council’s call for participation in the world, in culture and with indigenous peoples.

From the Social Encyclical Laudato Si (2015), Fratelli Tutti (2020) and Querida Amazonia (2020) of Pope Francis, the Asian School of Wisdom was established. There are nine executive committees, Academic personnel from five Universities and nine consultant teams from five countries. The aim of the school is to promote: the diverse local traditions and cultures as a creative force; the Learning Center to revive and practice spiritual life; to Initiate network among locals as friends, local wisdom that can challenge the ambiguous paradigm and propose sustainable solutions; to integrate the local wisdom and knowledge with public intellectuals working for the common good.

The opening ceremony began with the liturgy of the word, representatives of the local communities brought soil, water, rice and candles as symbols of nature, listening to the scriptures from the book of Wisdom 7:22 -30 and the Gospel of Matthew 5:13-15 on the salt of the earth and light the world. Prayers for the faithful lead by ethnic representatives and 3 professors. The second part of the ceremony is “We journey together”. Then everyone gathered to pray to unveil the sign of The Asian School of Wisdom, planted 11 sacred trees and ate pack lunch. Due to the spread of COVID-19, foreign committees are unable to attend the opening ceremony but it was presented to them on July 30th online. The ministry of social development has progress and bearing fruit until it gave birth to the Asian School of Wisdom. It is our pride to help in education, inter-faith dialogue, ecology and peace to be our way of life.

Bishop Francis Vira and participants during the opening ceremony of Asian School of Wisdom.
Photo credit: FB Diocese of Chiangmai