Sunday, 21 July 2024

Catholic Education Council of Thailand organized a conference via Zoom “Global Compact on Education”

In response to Pope Francis’ called for the global compact on education, the Catholic Education Council of Thailand organized a conference via zoom on the said topic. There were 1,514 participants from 148 schools all over the country.

This half day conference begins with opening prayer follow by the official opening by Ms. Trinuch Thienthong, education Minister of Thailand. Cardinal Francis Xavier Kriengsak Kovithavanij gave a special talk on the background of the Global compact on Education. Fr. Decha Arpondratana, shared about the plan and projects which are not all push through due to Covid 19 situation. Prof. Chainarong Monthienvichienchai gave a talk on the main topic.

Archbishop Anton Weradet Chaiseri, Chairman of the Catholic Education Council of Thailand, in the opening speech for the meeting said, “Global Compact on Education” or “Universal Agreement on Education” is the initiative of Pope Francis who wants all institutions around the world. For example, Catholic educational institutions to join forces together in solving the problems of the world, which must be based on education. At the same time, for a better, livable and united world will require cooperation from many parties. For example, from the community itself, which the Pope refers as “Educational Village”.

The “Global Compact on Education” opens the eyes of those who work in the field of education and encourages everyone to be interested in the problems of the world and of our brothers and sisters. Therefore, education is not complete in the classroom or only at the results of exams or at the achievements in life, but it’s about living with others and taking responsibility for society and the world together.